How to Improve?

Personnel Certification

Global Reliance Veritas  provides personnel certificate services to managers, sub-managers, supervisors, technicians and other professionals etc for variety of fields as per ISO/IEC 17024 standard, accepted and recognized globally. Through GLOBAL RELIANCE VERITAS personnel certification scheme, you can become the recognized person in your industry or organization

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Management Certification

Successful businesses have an ethos of continuous improvement at the heart of everything they do, which in turn provides a real competitive edge. Management systems certification schemes provide the principles of plan, do, check and act which consequently provides the system of continual improvement.

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Product Certification

GLOBAL RELIANCE VERITAS product certification services ensure that products, processes or services is to give confidence to all interested parties that a product, process or service fulfils specified requirements with the countries that you want to operate in. GLOBAL RELIANCE VERITAS product certification schemes are based on ISO/IEC 17067:2013

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Halal Certification

The Halal market is fast emerging most lucrative and influential consumer arena in the world today, covering a wide array of food and non-food products, including pharmaceuticals, logistics, tourism, cosmetics, healthcare, toiletries and other non-consumables valued at approximately USD 2.77 trillion.

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ISO 14001

ISO 9001:2015